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Suchmaschinenoptimierung (SEO) und Suchmaschinenwerbung (SEA) zur besseren Auffindbarkeit auf Google

Let potential customers find you through SEO & SEA.

With a market share of 93.14%¹, Google is the most relevant search engine worldwide. We help you to be found there, where the majority of your customers are searching, through SEO and SEA (Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Advertising).


Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Through strategic and targeted search engine optimization (SEO), we position your company on the front pages of organic Google search results under customer-relevant, audience-specific keywords for the long term. We focus on choosing keywords that include a purchase or action intent - this way, you will be found in the long term for the exact terms potential customers are searching for. Both locally in your city and nationwide, if desired.

The benefits of SEO:

  • Trusted placement with a high conversion rate

  • Long-term cost savings due to strong organic visibility

  • Expansion into new target audiences

Keyword analysis and recommendations

With a comprehensive keyword analysis, we provide you with insights into the search volume of relevant keywords for your business. This tells us how often these terms are searched for by your target audience on Google each month. Additionally, we conduct a competition and potential analysis to identify suitable and lucrative keyword recommendations based on that data. Ultimately, the final decision regarding the selection of keywords is, of course, up to you.


Planning and implementing on-site measures

After the final selection of your keywords, we move on to planning the on-site measures for your website. Once you have approved the technical and content optimization suggestions, we proceed with the implementation. Our focus is on considering Google visibility factors while also building a compelling online presence for your users, transforming your website into a sales magnet.


Planning and implementing off-site measures

Off-site measures are also part of the challenges of a successful SEO strategy that we develop for you. These measures are aimed at pushing your competitors down the rankings of Google search results.


Monitoring and reporting

Continuous monitoring allows us to transparently track the progress of your SEO rankings. To keep you informed about the positive ranking developments, you will receive regular comprehensive reports with relevant key performance indicators.



The requirements for websites to achieve and maintain good Google rankings are constantly evolving. In order to compete with your competitors in the long run, continuous optimization measures are essential. We stay up-to-date with Google updates and dynamically respond to the constant changes in the World Wide Web to ensure the long-term success of your campaign.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) in Numbers


of global traffic is generated by Google².


of users click on the results on the second page³


of clicks in the search engine results pages (SERPs) go to organic results⁴


of local search queries result in conversions⁵

Sources: ² | ³ | ⁴ | ⁵

Google Ads (SEA)

SEA (Search Engine Advertising) refers to the advertising section in the Google search results that appears above and below the organic search results, on topic-specific websites, in apps, and on YouTube. Through visually appealing ads in image and text format, and through specific audience targeting, we convince potential customers even before they reach the organic search results. SEA is also an ideal complement to SEO, as it allows you to have a stronger presence under customer-relevant search queries. Additionally, with increased traffic, your website gains more relevance, which can have positive side effects on your organic Google rankings.

Audience analysis

Before creating and launching ads, we thoroughly analyze your core target audience to consider the relevant characteristics and keywords in the ad concept and audience targeting. The goal is to maximize results within the given budget.


Creating ad texts and creatives

Campaigns that convert well require compelling ad texts and high-quality creatives that stand out from competitors in both textual and visual content. Based on years of experience in ad placement, we know exactly what to focus on.


Creating SEA ads with audience targeting

Once the content and campaign planning have been approved by you, we proceed with the implementation.


Tracking und Reporting

To measure campaign success, we set up conversion tracking, allowing us to measure the specific actions of website visitors resulting from the ads.



Your ads are in a constant learning process. With new data, we can further optimize your SEA campaign to improve its success.


Do you have any further questions

about SEO or SEA?

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