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My name is Gina Pariti - I am a creative mind, artist, and above all, a passionate online marketing expert. I am driven to implement diverse marketing concepts with a premium approach. Individuality and quality are at the forefront for me - you won't find cookie-cutter marketing packages with me.

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My story

As a digital native, I have grown up with digital media. They flow through my veins. In addition, I have a great passion for online marketing, which became evident during my studies.


After various positions in emerging startups, agencies, service providers, and over 70 marketing projects in different industries, I fulfilled my dream of using my broad knowledge in my own business venture.

With me, you have found a partner and personal contact who will provide advisory support in all aspects of online marketing and help you maximize the full potential of your company.


Together, we will position you as an expert in your field and attract and retain valuable long-term customers or patients.

I look forward to exchanging ideas with you!


You can schedule a completely free and non-binding initial consultation. I look forward to getting to know you!

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