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Price Overview
Online Marketing Packages

With a free and non-binding initial consultation, we get to know each other, assess your current situation, and define your business goals. Based on that, I will create a customized marketing strategy for you. I look forward to hearing from you and supporting your business success!

Initial Consultation

0 €

Let's talk!

Non-binding Initial Consultation - 30 minutes

Potential Analysis including Quick Tips

 220 €

See where you stand and what is possible

Analysis of the current state Evaluation of untapped potentials Evaluation of relevant KPIs in comparison to competitors
Quick tips for immediate implementation"


Your individual all-inclusive package


Your marketing concept tailored to your business goals

Your concept can include:

  • Regular consultations

  • Search engine optimization (SEO)

  • Google Ads (SEA)

  • Social media content (SMM)

  • Social media ads (SMA)

  • and much more.

Who is collaboration suitable for?

For all small to medium-sized businesses.

For all solo entrepreneurs, such as coaches and consultants.

For all medical professionals, such as dentists, surgeons, general practitioners, etc.

If you can identify with at least one of the following points, then we should talk:

You are starting from scratch with your marketing and are not quite sure how to get started.

You are unsure which marketing measures and channels are specifically suitable for you to reach your core target audience.

You are implementing marketing measures, but you are experiencing stagnation - your customer base is not growing, your products are not selling, and/or your number of followers is not increasing.

You don't have the time and/or expertise to implement your marketing efforts in a targeted, efficient, and comprehensive manner.

You would like to have an overview of the current state and understand how your marketing efforts compare to the competition.

You are looking for the guidance of an expert who can identify untapped potentials in your business and help you maximize your marketing efforts.

Any further questions?

Feel free to schedule an appointment for a non-binding and free consultation. I'm looking forward to getting to know you!

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